Our Success
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Thanks to the supporters who have sponsored our events, who trusted us to live up to our committment; to the riders who who joined in our state wide ride; to the folks who cheered us on, and the support from the Elks Lodges, Police Departments, Cities and communities: we have been able to raise much needed money for our veterans in need here in Arizona!​​

We will be seeking both donors and recipients in the southern Arizona areas including Phoenix and Tucson. If you are interested, or know of anyone in need, please submit your information via the contact link above or reach out to your regional commanders for details!


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Messages from those we help and those
that support the cause

"The blessing of the surprise check was AMAZING and couldn’t have come at a better time. We had finally just hit a wall and I felt like we were so far apart and were always fighting for control because I felt like I had to do it and he wouldn’t.... to make the story short... I went to him and said- I don’t want to worry about everything. And insanely... he was thrilled and felt like he had a purpose ... so everything has gotten so much better. Paying off all the medical scheduled... tension gone:... everything is calm.... and we have Emily’s biological dad and his girlfriend staying with us from Oregon and it is just amazing how everything falls into place. 

Seriously.... after so much CRAP... we are finally out of the storm and we could not have been there without you guys. I can’t even tell you how nice it is to pay things off and not worry. 
We can finally appreciate life and take the kids to do things here and there. So so good."

- Anonymous, July 12

"Thanks to you and your Board for an excellent ride this past week. Jane and I were curious to see exactly what NoP is. We were thrilled to discover you are what you say you are. Whether we ride with you again in the future or not, you'll have our continued support. Again, thanks for a well organized  ride for a great cause."
- Dave and Jane Sinclair, July 14
"Thank you for all that you do. The ride was invigorating and seeing such dedication is always a needed boost! Love ya all!"
- Leslie Driggs, July 10
 "Hello Dan, I just wanted to update you. I have achieved my first step on my process and have obtained my Associates Degree from CCC. I am now transferring to NAU this semester with a 3.5 GPA to continue my journey of obtaining a Masters Degree. My family is doing well and every day I remind my children to be thankful for organizations like the Nation of Patriots. I'll try to continue to keep in touch and will send updates along the way. Sincerely and respectfully, thank you so much. "
- Jeremy, January 10

Our Treasurer, Becki Smith, received an unexpected letter (see attached). We are beside ourselves to have received a donation ($2000) from an individual that we never had the opportunity to meet, thank and is now resting peacefully. No words can explain the emotion running through our hearts. Thank you Rose and our veterans thank you!​​