2017 is a Wrap and was a Great Success!!

​The Tour has now traveled beyond Arizona but not before there was some long lasting memories created and the State of Arizona showed it's support for Arizona's Combat Wounded Veterans.
We are still counting the money donated in Arizona but we have already started to reach out to our veterans in need. 
Stay tuned for future updates!!
JULY 13TH - 15TH 2017
The Tour and the Journey
Nevada - Arizona - New Mexico
The flag travels through Arizona and it is only appropriate that we ride on or along the route of the Mother road to show the flag.

This trip is about the Flag, what it stands for, and honoring the people who have stood for it. 

 ONE FLAG       48 STATES       100 DAYS

​We are just 1 of 48 states that participate in the Patriot Tour, which is a flag that travels 48 states in 100 days to raise money and awareness for our wounded veterans and their families. 

We are proud that we are a 100% volunteer organization from the CEO down to the donors, and we are able to return 100% of the donations to the people who have earned our respect and need our help - wounded veterans.

The money is used to help the wounded veterans and their families cope with the injury or condition while trying to manage a normal family life.

We work to help them get through the challenges they face while they are dealing with life-long impairments that make everything more diffficult.

Every dollar raised on this tour goes back to the veterans in this state,  to help those veterans and their families in need.

As part of the Arizona contingent, we welcome you to join our ride for the whole tour or join at any stopping point along the way.  We make this a fun and meaningful ride with state scenery, history, new friends and raising money doing what we love to do - ride.

We ask for a $5.00 donation for the priviledge of escorting the flag. Or whatever else you feel you can give we know it comes from the heart.

To see the Arizona Tour Route and stops, please scroll down this page




The First Stop in Arizona will be at the Kingman Elks Lodge for the official Flag Exchange from Nevada Riders to the Arizona Riders. 

Last year  the Kingman Elks lodge rolled out food, hospitality and welcomed us with open arms supporting THE PATRIOT TOUR and our veterans.

This year they plan to outdo themselves with a flag line, reception, lunch and great Elks hospitality!
Arrival from Nevada is expected between 11:30 and noon. It is only fitting that we do the Flag Exchange Ceremoney at the Elks Lodge to honor their committment to the Patriot Tour with this very important ceremony!

From Kingman, we are kickstands up to head across Route 66 to Seligman, then on to Williams Arizona....the First official NATION OF PATRIOTS CITY in America!

BUT FIRST, we have a stop as we are leaving Kingman to fill up all bikes courtesy of a member of the Kingman Elks and a true Patriot!!

​​Thank you to the Elks in Kingman and Elks everywhere in Arizona for you support.

Remembrance  Ceremony

​​When we arrive in Wiliams the tour will go directly to their hotels to check in and they you are all invited at 5:30PM, to the Memorial Park for a rememberence ceremony for all the veterans from Williams who paid the ultimate sacrifice and the veterans who have served our country.

Wild West Junction
​Once again John Moore, owner of Wild West Junction is hosting our dinner celebrating the Nation of Patriots and the Patriot Tour. 
Western fare, entertainment and a great bar all for a great price. Join us to celebrate the Patriot Tour and get to know the Wild West on old Route 66.

This year we will be ordering from the menu with a percentage of the proceeds going to support the Nation of Patriots

This year we will have a special performance by JC and Laney for a one night appearance in support of the NOP!!

This will all be part of the dinner package for the Nation of Patriots!!!!!
Historic Williams Arizona the, 'Gateway to the Grand Canyon'  is the first recognized  NATION  OF PATRIOTS city in the United States.

It is also known as the last official active portion of Route 66, deactactivated in 1984. Look around the town and you will have stepped back into a simple time for travel.

Williams is a very patriotic town supporting veterans and has rolled out the red carpet to the Nation of Patriots. It is full of heritage and history for everyone to enjoy.

We will leave Williams on Friday morning (July 14) Kickstands up will be 7:45AM
for departure for the Grand Canyon.


​Grand Canyon National Park is the United States' 15th oldest national park. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, the park is located in northwestern Arizona. The park's central feature is the Grand Canyon, a gorge of the Colorado River, which is often considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The park covers 1,217,262 acres (1,901.972 sq mi; 492,608 ha; 4,926.08 km2) of unincorporated area in Coconino and Mohave counties. The park received nearly six million recreational visitors in 2016, which is the second highest count of all U.S. national parks

Grand Canyon Event

​​Thanks to the generosity of Papillon Helicopter Tours, the flag will be flown over and through the Grand Canyon sharing it will all residents of the canyon and tourists who have come to visit.

Arizona is proud of it's canyon and proud of it's veterans. It is an appropriate salute to our wounded veterans in Arizona.

When the flag touches down we will be taking pictures and then kickstands up for the scenic ride to Flagstaff Arizona. 

Flagstaff Arizona

Home to NAU and Route 66

We will be stopping at the north entrance to the city to meet with the Flagstaff Police Motorcycle division. We will then be escorted to Wheeler Park and the American Legion in downtown Flagstaff.

Parking will be at the Legion hall.. Immediately following the ceremony will be escorted to the Museum Club for lunch hosted by the Club owner along with live entertainment.

Don't get to mesmerized as our next event for this day is a fun filled and eventful stop for all to enjoy! Next stop is Twin Arrows


Twin Arrows is a ghost "town" located on US Route 66 in Coconino County, in the central part of Arizona. It is just one mile west of Toonerville, another abandoned stop.

Today, Twin Arrows Resort sits between the Hopi and Navajo reservations. You can see today's world vs the original Route 66 world in these 2 photos. In reality the two buildings are less than one mile apart as the Twin Arrows fly!

Twin Arrows is joining with the Patriot tour to celebrate all veterans especially the Native American veterans.  The most famous Native American Veterans are the 'Code Talkers' of WWII who used their native language to communicate enemy movements in the South Pacific making a significant impact on winning WWII. Since that time, Native American Veterans have stood the front line for the United States in all military campaigns, serving with distinction to preserve our freedom and our way of life. 

The Nation of Patriots hospitiatlity area will be on the back (or North Patio) with no host bar, entertainment and a salute to our Native American brothers and sisters who have served their nation with many having made major sacrifices. 

There are 30 rooms being set aside with special rates for riders and their guests along with full access to restaurants, casinos and all the recreational areas of the resort. To book these room please contact the resort at (855) 499-0001‎ after April 1st.
The NOP booking code is 4492 for a rate of $129 per night.  These rates are compared to the normal seasonal rate of $179+ per night so  they will not last long.

At 9PM there will be an beautiful fireworks tribute and our patio gives us a ringside seat to this spectacular show. 

Saturday morning, we will be kickstands up at 8:30am to start the final leg of this year's Arizona portion of the Patriot Tour. Our next stop is Winslow Arizona.

Winslow Arizona, a historic part of Route 66 made famous by a song about standing "On the Corner" in Winslow Arizona. 
A railroad town, a tourist location, and home base for the local correctional facility. A town like no other and such a fine sight to see!

Our stop in Winslow is in the second year, of our tradition of following the Mother Road. We will arrive in Winslow no later than 9:30am and head directly to the Elks Lodge for a welcome and breakfast! These folks roll out the red carpet for our riders and there support is always appreciated!

We will then take a short walk to the corner for a group photo of the flag and all attendees "standing on the corner" with the huge Route 66 ensignia located in the middle of the intersection.

At 10:45am we will be kickstands up for Gallup New Mexico with the final leg of the tour, ending with the Flag Exchange and the tour riders from New Mexico.

Gallup New Mexico

Gallup New Mexico the first city across the State Line from Arizona and the final stop for the Arizona contingent of the Patriot Tour.

All are welcome to join us on this run and meet the dedicated folks from New Mexico and enjoy the flag exchange.

From here we will return to Arizona to enjoy the casino, or downtown Flagstaff or perhaps a day in Williams. 

For all who support us on this ride and join us escorting the flag we beleive you will find the journey relaxing, fun and rewarding.