Nation of Patriots™ is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. We work on a national level to promote the awareness of and financially support the physical, emotional, and economic misfortune that our wounded veterans and their families are living with today and everyday.
We work to unite Americans beneath the banner or Flag and behind the men and women serving in the Armed Forces. We raise money through our national network and distribute it directly to the families we strive to support. The families are selected for us mostly through the VA Hospital network.
We are a 100% volunteer nonprofit. We give 100% of all donations received directly to the veterans we strive to help. We work with VA facilities and many other veteran organizations to help us locate and select the veteran families based on specific criteria.

Nation of Patriots Arizona

The Arizona Team consists of 4 patriots under the direction of the National Nation of Patriots organziation, who purpose is to organize the tour through Arizona annually and maximize the donor involvement to benefit our veterans.
We have representatives in Williams, Flagstaff, North Phoenix and working on more!
We work directly with the Elk Lodges in key cities and their Elk Rider programs. We also work directly with CVMA, Black Sheep MC and Hog chapters.
We work with individual towns, cities and business along the route who work with us promoting the ride, insuring our safety and providing a place to celebate, relax and other events that support our veterans.