2017 RESULTS!!
Thanks to the generosity of our Supporters, Riders individual and corporate donors we raised.........

All of which will go to our Arizona wounded veterans and their families



Great Ride
Great People
Great Supporters...

Helicopter Flyover -

Navajo/English Ceremony celebrating the Native American Veterans


Nation of Patriots™ is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. We work on a national level to promote the awareness of and financially support the physical, emotional, and economic misfortune that our wounded veterans and their families are living with today and everyday.
We work to unite Americans beneath the banner or Flag and behind the men and women serving in the Armed Forces. We raise money through our national network and distribute it directly to the families we strive to support. The families are selected for us mostly through the VA Hospital network.
We are a 100% volunteer nonprofit. We give 100% of all donations received directly to the veterans we strive to help. We work with VA facilities and many other veteran organizations to help us locate and select the veteran families based on specific criteria.

Nation of Patriots Arizona

Arizona Team consists of patriots under the direction of  the National Nation of Patriots organziation, who purpose is to organize the tour through Arizona annually and maximize the donor involvement to benefit our veterans. We have representatives in Williams, Flagstaff, North Phoenix and working on more!
We work directly with the Elk Lodges in key cities and their Elk Rider programs. We also work directly with CVMA, Black Sheep MC and Hog chapters. We work with individual towns, cities and business along the route who assist in promoting the ride, insuring our safety and providing a place to celebate, relax and other events that support our veterans.


Pictured Back Row From Left:   Dan Smith - Regional Commander,  Matt McDonald - Phoenix Coordinator,  Anthony (Shine) Cagnilia - Flagstaff Marketing,  Rebecca Bitzer - Phoenix Marketing, Steve Sunda - Flagstaff Coordinator, Rick Bitzer - Arizona Chairman, Todd Carter - Chaplian, Bill Sherer, National CEO/Founder
Front Row:  Diana Crouteau - Williams Coordinator, Sandy Bitzer -  Secretary, Becki Smith - Treasurer, Ted Martello - Veteran Services Officer

Bill Sherer - Founder Executive Director 
​with Wife Margo
Bill is the Executive Director and Founder of the Nation of Patriots and the Patriot Tour. What started out as a one man quest to help veterans has developed into a National Tour supporting veterans who have wounds sustained in a battle campaign.

Bill is NOT a veteran but started this program after seeing his friends coming back from the Mid East,  having major life problems with no one to turn to for help.  Bill developed a program where all money raised by the NOP efforts go back directly to the veteran and their families.

Behind every good man there is a support group and Margo, Bill's wife, is a strong partner and supporter of the Nation of Patriots, it's goals and objectives. It is their chosen life style to support our veterans.

Arizona is very humbled to have had them visit for our events and we are proud and honored to consider them our friends!
Dan Smith - Regional Commander
Dan Smith aka the "Godfather" and the original Flag bearer for the State of Arizona. Dan has been riding the Patriot Tour in Arizona since 2010 supporting the wounded veterans in Arizona through his dedication and hardwork meeting with people from all walks of life educating people on the challenges the wounded veteran faces.

Through Dan's leadership, over the years, the Arizona group has grown and now supports the entire state of Arizona utilizing the talents of his team to maximize the donation and create an event for all supporters to enjoy.

Dan sits on the veterans selection committee for fund distribution, speaks at events statewide and works tirelessly to insure that the goals, objectives and purpose of the Patriot Tour.

Dan is a Vietnam veteran who loves his country, his community and his state and appreciates all that veterans have done for this great Nation.

Rick Bitzer - Arizona State Chairman
Rick Bitzer aka "Habit",  has been involved with the Nation of Patriots since 2013 and became state Chairman in 2015. Rick has been heavily involved with the marketing and promotion of the Nation of Patriots and is extremely proud of the groups 100% volunteer status and that all donations are returned directly to the veterans within Arizona

Rick sits on the veteran selection committee for fund distribution, speaks at events statewide and works with the other non profit groups that support the NOP in their mission.

Rick served his country and community but rides in the memory of his father, an original Seabee, who spent 4 years in the South Pacific during WWII. Although decorated as a Seabee, he would not speak of his experience and simply stated "I did what I had to do". It is in that spirit that Rick continues to ride to support our unsung heros.

​Becki Smith - Arizona Treasurer
Becki aka'Hugzalot' has been riding the Patriot Tour since 2010, at times having the flag duct taped to her leg to insure it was secure, protected and properly displayed during its run through Arizona.

Becki serves as the State Treasure insuring that all donations are accounted for and then distrbuted to the veterans in need. She is also our behind the scenes person who tirelessly works on events, raffles, donor cultivation and so much more. Becki sits on our veterans selection committee and she is the person who you can depend on to see the problem and fix it before it is a problem.

Becki rides with Dan in support of our veterans and rides for the love of her country and the veterans who served it. , 
​Sandy Bitzer - Arizona Secretary
Sandy started riding with the Patriot tour in 2014 and became secretary for the State team in 2015. Sandy is responsible for the minutes and record maintenance for the Arizona group and is very involved behind the scenes with events, raffles and customer service.

Sandy comes from a family that has a long history in military service and rides in memory of and to honor those who have served from her family and to honor veterans from all walks of life. 
Todd Carter - Chaplain
Ted Martello - VSO
Ted aka 'DV' has been riding with the Nation of Patriots since 2015 and is our Veterans Service Officer, certified by the VA which makes our selection process effective, faster and more accurate, allowing us to get the money to the ones in need, much faster basis.

Ted is a veteran  who we know as 'DV' which stands for Dysfunctional Vet....his support and care for our veterans makes him anything but dysfunctional!
Todd has been a supporter for years and recently became our official Chaplain for the Arizona Nation of Patriots and the Patriot Tour. 

Todd is very dedicated to the calling and when not riding with us you will find him ministering to the motorcycle community all over Arizona riding with the Black Sheep Motorcycle group a Christian Motorcycle Club.
Diana Croteau aka "Chihuahua" is a resident of Williams
THE FIRST OFFICIAL NATION OF PATRIOTS CITY IN THE NATION - and our representative to that great community.

Diana works with donors, business, city government and other charitable and veteran organization to insure that our pride in that community and service to our veterans never fails.

Diana works tirelessly to insure all plans and commitments are met and that each year is bigger and better for both the NOP and the City of Williams who has come to symbolize the Americana we all love and cherish.
Diana Croteau -
Town of Williams Representative
Steve Sunda - Flagstaff Representative
Steve Sunda aka "Gimpa"  is our Flagstaff representative whose long time dedication to motorcycles, veterans and charity work makes him a true asset to the team. Steve has served in many leadership roles in his life, maintaining a standard of giving back whenever possible.

Steve served as a Marine during the cold war and loves his community and country. Steve has been very influential in building a strong rapport with the City of Flagstaff, it's government and businesses. 

2017 was the first year we have had any events in Flagstaff and we look forward to a long working relationship thanks to Steve and his efforts.
​Anthony Caniglia - Flagstaff Marketing
Anthony Caniglia aka 'Shine' is our newest member to the team.  Anthony has been riding with us since 2014 and his background in hospitality and local business to business has been an invaluable tool in the Flagstaff area.

Anthony is an Army vet and works tirelessly in donor development in the Flagstaff area to support our veterans.
​Matt McDonald - Valley Representative
Rebecca McDonald - Valley Marketing
Matt McDonald has been riding the Patriot Tour for the past 3 years and offered to assist us as we moved our program into the Phoenix area. 

A Phoenix native with a love for his country and profound respect for the veterans who serve us Matt jumped in as our new rep in the Phoenix market and will be attending events, meeting and supporting rides on behalf of the NOP thorugh outh the valley area. 
Rebecca McDonald has been involved with the Nation of Patriots for three years. As our outreach has grown it became obvious in early 2017 that our reach into the Phoenix area would need support and Becca stepped up to assist in the marketing and events in the Phoenix area.

Becca does ride and rides with the NOP in memory of her "Papa" who served in WWII and the many other extended family members who have served our country.